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Workplus is a brand-first innovative company. Rooted in core consumer perception orientation and product development across market segments. We are driven to always unlock the great features and benefits every brand offers to her consumers, with that unique touch of NAIJA style that makes everyone smile. 

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Our Core Capabilities
Our Core Capabilities


Brand strategy & development

Defining the rudiments to launch bold new brands, and give a new lease of life to existing ones.


Brand design, activation & execution

Plan, design and execute brand experiences that connect with consumers in deep, meaningful and exciting ways that stimulate emotions, earn loyalty and inspire action


FMCG Market Index

Driving accurate retail and wholesale performance index of your products across channels is the data you need to plan, design, execute and implement result driven sales forecast. Through product or channel audit, every dealer survey (EDS), market research report and mapping, we help our clients take smarter and budget friendly business decisions


Digital Marketing

Using best and current digital tools to connect the uniqueness of brands to online and offline shoppers across platforms, driving engagement, sales, and entertainment 


RTM Optimization

Brands and businesses should be more interested on how fast, and slow their products sell across channels in and out of season. Ask for Workplus RTM Optimisation Selling Model today


Sales Academy/Training

Training not only makes your sales team more knowledgeable and prepared to do their job, but it also helps to increase employee confidence. When employees know what they’re doing and feel they’re confident in their role, this leads to a more natural flowing conversation with customers

For over 13 years, we have consistently help indigenous and multinational brands reach their target market and consumers across Nigeria  

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