About Us

About Us

Workplus Consult Ltd is an indigenous brand and business innovation company that drives complete organisational growth when it comes to sales, marketing, revenue and team building. We have in-depth knowledge of Nigeria market place and her ethnic uniqueness that makes every single region and people an integral part of the Nigeria retail sector.

 As a business, the mantra we’ve lived on over the years is that, ‘honey  is not found in honey-combs alone, but in every brand that offers TRUE  and lasting SATISFACTION with assured value for money.‘

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What Drives Us

The grit and passion to excel are our greatest drive. We work hard, we strive always to beat set target.

We believe that our tomorrow will be important to the success of our Clients businesses and personal lives; so we plan for the future by delivering on our responsibilities of today.

We always design and execute on the best ways to get our job done.

We are innovative. We don’t see challenges…we focus on results 

Our Team

Over the years, we have recruited, nurtured and worked with the best business minded sales executives, product ambassadors, merchandizers, market research agents and techies to deliver on projects across Nigeria. We have project supervisors in all 36 States, including the FCT and deployable staff from Lagos office.

Inclusion & Diversity

Diversity in the workplace means that an organization employs a diverse team of people that’s reflective of the society in which it exists and operates. This ideology has been the reason why we have people from different background and faith that makes up the team called Workplus. Female workers contributes about 47% of our workforce across market.

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